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Hayley R.
Our recent move was not just a change of address; it was a significant transition for our family. Amidst the chaos of relocating, we were fortunate to enlist the services of Bekins Central Coast Movers, and it turned out to be the best... decision.From the moment they arrived, their professionalism and attention to detail were evident. The team not only efficiently packed our belongings but did so with such care that it alleviated any concerns we had about potential damages during transit.What truly sets this company apart is their comprehensive approach to relocation. Not only did they handle the packing and moving with precision, but they also provided the convenience of box pick-up afterward. This attention to every aspect of the move simplified the entire process, allowing us to focus on settling into our new space without the burden of recycling packing materials lingering over us.Their dedication to customer satisfaction was evident in every interaction, and it left a lasting impression on us.Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly recommend Bekins Central Coast Movers to anyone facing a big move. Whether you're overwhelmed and unsure where to start or simply seeking a reliable team to handle the logistics, they will exceed your expectations. Trust them to take care of everything for you and watch as they effortlessly alleviate the stress of moving, leaving you free to embrace the excitement of your new more
Gary M.

Warehouse Storage

Moving for the First Time?

After choosing a moving company and deciding to use their warehouse storage facilities, your company will set a moving date with you. On the day of your move, your moving crew will arrive and load all your prepacked items into the truck. Once everything is loaded, your movers will take your items to the warehouse to put them in your designated vault. The warehouse is outfitted with climate-control measures to prevent harm to fragile items and an extensive security system to safeguard your possessions. While your items are in storage, you can request access to your stored goods or specific pieces, which the warehouse staff will find using the catalog created during the packing process. However, this access might require advance notice and possibly an extra fee. When you’re ready to move to your new home, the moving company will deliver and unload your items at your new home or office. The move will end with a thorough examination of all your belongings, culminating in a formal confirmation of completion with the truck’s driver.

Watsonville WarehouseStorage FAQs

Warehouse Storage Services & Features

  • Moving Integration

    The only change between regular and warehouse storage moves is where the items go. Due to our seamless integration, we’ll bring you your items from storage when your new home or office is ready.

  • Climate Control

    Certain items, such as wooden and upholstered furniture, musical instruments, makeup, and electronics, cannot be in extreme temperatures. With climate control in the warehouse, we can better protect your items.

  • 24/7 Surveillance

    With a state-of-the-art security system and a background-checked maintenance crew, we guarantee the safety and security of your items in our warehouse facility.

  • Short & Long-Term

    Whether you need storage for a week or over a year, our warehouse is equipped for both long- and short-term storage solutions.

How Much Do Warehouse Moving Storage Services Cost?

When you decide to integrate warehouse storage into your move, your cost will be determined by the weight of the items you are moving into and out of storage. This weight-based pricing system is standard and considers the specific items that need to be stored. Generally, the average prices range from $50 to $300 per month for standard storage needs, depending on the weight of your items and any additional storage needs you have.

For any move, including those that involve warehouse storage, various factors can lead to additional costs, such as adding packing and unpacking services or paying for extra coverage for damaged items.

At Central Coast Movers, we provide transparent pricing for our warehouse storage services, considering the weight of the items and any additional services that may be required. We achieve this by offering free, comprehensive quotes through in-home or virtual surveys. This way, you’ll know what your moving and storage services will cost before you sign on to work with Central Coast Movers. Rest assured, our promise of transparent and fair pricing comes with a guarantee of no hidden fees.

How Do I Find a Reliable Warehouse Moving Storage Service in Watsonville?

Finding a reliable warehouse storage provider involves looking at experience, licensing, insurance, and customer reviews. Trustworthiness, professionalism, and a range of services are critical criteria to ensure a smooth moving experience. It is also essential to ensure the company has the proper licensing and insurance to ensure they operate legally and are covered in case something goes wrong.

Looking at a moving & storage company’s Google Reviews is also beneficial because it lets you see what other customers experienced. Look for companies with at least a 4/5 star rating to ensure the quality of their service. We also recommend reviewing the company’s awards, achievements, and accolades. While awards will not necessarily make or break your decision, they do not hurt to have. An A+ from the BBB and moving and storage-specific awards and memberships are always good to look out for since they establish credibility in the business.

Central Coast Movers fits all these criteria and is happy to answer any questions about our services. Being fully licensed and insured (USDOT license number 2256609, MC license number 770031, MTR license number 0191083), family-owned and operated, and a 2022 Spire Quality Award Winner, we ensure a seamless experience for our clients. We also have an A+ rating from the BBB, are a member of the Preferred Movers Network, and have a 4.1/5 star rating on Google Reviews. We encourage you to check out our Google Reviews to see what our customers say about their experience working with us.

What Steps Take Place During the Warehouse Moving Storage Process?

The warehouse moving process is a multifaceted operation that requires careful planning and execution. It typically begins with assessing the items to be moved to understand the customer’s needs and preferences. This way, your moving company can develop a detailed moving and storage plan. The next step involves loading your packed belongings into the moving van. Your items are transported to the warehouse and stored in a secure vault. Finally, unloading and organizing the items at the destination completes the process, with the option of additional services like unpacking.

At Central Coast, we walk you through all these steps with a dedicated moving specialist. Our staff consists of trained professionals, and we offer services like free furniture disassembly and reassembly when we move your items to and from our storage facilities. If you have any questions, contact your dedicated moving specialist or call us at (831) 235-6046.

How Do Moving Companies Store and Organize My Belongings in the Warehouse?

Items in a warehouse are usually stored in vaults, allowing for efficient organization and easy accessibility. This system also promotes better security of the stored goods.

Central Coast Movers stores items securely and organizes everything efficiently, making it easy to get your items to your new home. Our warehouse is pest-controlled and climate controlled, and we tailor storage solutions to individual needs, ensuring optimal organization and care.

What Measures Do Moving Companies Take to Keep the Items in Storage Safe?

Ensuring the safety and security of items in storage is a critical concern for any reputable storage provider. Climate control is often a vital component, particularly for items that are sensitive to temperature variations, such as artwork, electronics, wooden furniture, musical instruments, or delicate fabrics. A climate-controlled environment provides a stable temperature, reducing the risk of damage. 24/7 surveillance and flood and pest control are also industry standards that most storage warehouses have.

At Central Coast Movers, we recognize the importance of these safety measures and have implemented them in our storage facilities. Our climate-controlled environment is specially designed to protect sensitive items, offering stable temperatures that prevent harm. We also provide flood and pest control to protect your items. Round-the-clock surveillance is another essential measure we have in place. Our facilities have security cameras, alarm systems, and on-site security personnel, all working to detect and prevent any unauthorized access or activity.

How Do Moving Companies Handle the Pickup and Delivery Process for Warehouse Storage?

The process of moving items to and from a warehouse takes careful planning:

  1. Movers need to determine what’s being moved and what the customer wants. Then they make a detailed plan for the move.
  2. The items are packed into the moving van and taken to the warehouse, where they’re put onto their dedicated pallet.
  3. The items are taken out of the warehouse, moved to their new location, and organized there.

If needed, most moving and storage companies offer unpacking services. This process ensures everything is moved safely and the way the client wants.

At Central Coast Movers, we strive to make your move as simple as possible. This is why we seamlessly integrate warehouse storage into the moving process. To some of our customers, it feels just like a typical move.

What Are the Rules and Regulations for Short-Term Storage vs. Long-Term Storage?

Understanding the terms and conditions for short-term and long-term storage is essential for a seamless moving and storage experience. These terms may cover aspects like the duration of the storage agreement, the costs involved, the accessibility of the items, any specific care or handling instructions, and the procedures for extending or terminating the storage service. Clarity and transparency in these terms help avoid misunderstandings and ensure the customer’s expectations are fully met.

At Central Coast Movers, we take these considerations to heart, ensuring that all terms and conditions for short-term and long-term storage are clear and transparent. We openly discuss the agreement with our customers, from costs and durations to specific handling procedures, to ensure no surprises.

Is Insurance Included in the Warehouse Storage Package, or Does it Cost Extra?

Coverage for damaged or lost goods is crucial when selecting warehouse storage services. Government regulation requires all movers to offer a basic level of coverage called Limited Liability Coverage, providing compensation at 60 cents per pound per lost or damaged item. While this mandatory coverage provides some protection, customers with many valuable items typically require more coverage. This is why many storage companies offer Full Value Protection at an additional cost.

Full Value Protection, as the name suggests, protects the item’s value if lost or broken. If you purchase the Full Value Protection plan, your moving and storage provider will repair, replace, or reimburse you at the fair market value for any items lost or damaged during the move or while in storage.

Central Coast Movers complies with government regulations by providing Limited Liability Coverage. Recognizing that this may not be enough for some customers, we also offer the option of Full Value Protection at an additional charge. This way, you are protected to the level of your choosing.

Why Choose Central Coast Movers?

  • A+ rating by BBB
  • Family Owned and Operated
  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • Same Day Estimates
  • Free furniture disassembly and reassembly
  • All trained professionals
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Flat rates, no suprises
  • Virtual quotes
  • Senior citizens specials
  • Interstate Agent of Bekins Van Lines

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