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Hayley R.
Our recent move was not just a change of address; it was a significant transition for our family. Amidst the chaos of relocating, we were fortunate to enlist the services of Bekins Central Coast Movers, and it turned out to be the best... decision.From the moment they arrived, their professionalism and attention to detail were evident. The team not only efficiently packed our belongings but did so with such care that it alleviated any concerns we had about potential damages during transit.What truly sets this company apart is their comprehensive approach to relocation. Not only did they handle the packing and moving with precision, but they also provided the convenience of box pick-up afterward. This attention to every aspect of the move simplified the entire process, allowing us to focus on settling into our new space without the burden of recycling packing materials lingering over us.Their dedication to customer satisfaction was evident in every interaction, and it left a lasting impression on us.Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly recommend Bekins Central Coast Movers to anyone facing a big move. Whether you're overwhelmed and unsure where to start or simply seeking a reliable team to handle the logistics, they will exceed your expectations. Trust them to take care of everything for you and watch as they effortlessly alleviate the stress of moving, leaving you free to embrace the excitement of your new more
Gary M.

Gun Safe Movers

Moving for the First Time?

As a gun-safe owner, you’ll talk with a moving expert about planning your gun-safe move. Your moving company will pair you with a dedicated moving coordinator. Your moving coordinator will help plan the move, decide the best way to do it and get all the paperwork ready. Then, your moving company will present you with an Order of Service document detailing the services you’ve requested and their costs. On your moving day, your moving crew will come with all the necessary equipment. They’ll wrap your gun safe to keep it secure, maneuver through tight spaces and stairs when moving it out, and put it in the right room if you’re moving within the same house. If you’re moving elsewhere, they’ll put it on their truck. After that, you and the team leader will go over the Bill of Lading, which documents all of the items that are moved and their condition before moving. Once your moving team has finished moving your gun-safe to its final destination, you’ll check your belongings to ensure their safety and sign off on the Bill of Lading with the team leader.

Gun Safe Movers FAQ

Our Gun-Safe Moving Services

  • In-Home, Local, and Long-Distance

    Central Coast Movers can move your gun safe anywhere, whether it's in your home, around the Watsonville area, or across the country.

  • Full-Service Moving

    Certain gun-safe movers only move your gun-safe. As a full-service moving company, we are a one-stop shop for all your moving and storage needs.

  • Professional Equipment

    We employ state-of-the-art, dedicated gear to safely transport your gun safe. This will protect both the firearm safe and your residence.

  • Warehouse Storage

    Our storage facilities offer superior security measures and climate regulation if you require storage for your firearm safe during your transition.

How Do Moving Companies Transport a Gun-Safe?

In the world of moving, transporting gun safes poses unique challenges. Due to their weight and value, handling them with care is crucial. Typically, moving companies use specialized equipment, dollies, leverage straps, and moving blankets to ensure the safe is transported without damage or injury. Moving crews should also be trained to take special care when transporting the gun safe to avoid any damage to the property and the gun safe.

At Central Coast Movers, we train our professional moving crews to handle gun-safe moves effortlessly. Using specialized heavy-duty equipment and techniques, we meticulously move your gun safe, ensuring its safety as well as that of your home. We take extraordinary measures, including using soft landing spots and utilizing support mechanisms to minimize vibrations and impact during transport and landing. Our team considers every detail, from narrow hallways to tight corners, ensuring a seamless experience.

Are Gun Safe Moving Companies Insured?

For gun-safe moving companies, it’s essential to have insurance coverage like general liability and worker’s comp policies. These insurances ensure the protection of both the client’s property and the workers on the job.

Central Coast Movers takes this very seriously. We maintain general liability and worker’s comp policies, safeguarding our clients and employees. When you choose us, you’re opting for a company that prioritizes safety and accountability.

How Much Does It Cost to Move a Gun-Safe?

The cost to move a gun safe generally depends on factors like the number of safes and their weight. Different moving companies might offer varied pricing based on these and other considerations. Based on our research, gun-safe moves can range from $100 to $1000, with a national average of around $525.

However, at Central Coast Movers, transparency is our motto. We believe in transparent, upfront pricing with no hidden surprises. While the cost may vary based on specific requirements, customers can always get a free, no-obligation moving estimate by filling out our simple online form.

What Precautions Do Moving Companies Take to Prevent Damage to the Gun Safe During the Move?

When it comes to moving gun safes, preventive measures are essential. Companies usually wrap the safe in moving blankets and plastic wrap, lay out floor protection, utilize special equipment and dollies, use extra padding, and train our staff meticulously to avoid damage to the gun safe and the property during the move.

For Central Coast Movers, each gun-safe move is executed with utmost precision. We use top-grade wrapping materials to shield the safe and deploy expert techniques, ensuring a damage-free move from start to finish.

Are Moving Crews Trained and Experienced in Handling Gun-Safes?

In the moving industry, not all teams are equipped or trained to handle specialty items like gun safes. Having a crew with experience and training is essential for a safe and efficient move. Since gun-safes are valuable, heavy items, many moving companies will not move gun safes over a specific weight limit, if they move them at all.

At Central Coast Movers, our staff consists of trained professionals well-versed in handling gun safes. With over 20 years of experience in the moving industry, our team ensures your valuable possession is handled with the care and expertise it deserves. To learn more about our company and team, check out our About Us page.

What Kind of Equipment Do Moving Companies Use to Transport Gun-Safes?

Professional moving companies use a variety of specialized equipment like dollies, moving blankets, hand trucks, lifting straps, stair climbers, floor protectors, sliders, and rigging tools to transport heavy gun safes. These tools are precisely crafted to accommodate the size and weight of gun safes, allowing them to be moved efficiently within homes or for loading and unloading from moving trucks.

When you choose Central Coast Movers, you’re selecting a team equipped with state-of-the-art gear designed specifically for gun-safe transportation. Our tools, combined with our expertise, guarantee a safe and efficient move.

How Long Do Gun Safe Moves Take?

The duration of gun safe moves largely depends on factors such as distance, size of the safe, and accessibility of locations. Some moves can be accomplished in a few hours to a day, while other moves can take a few days or more. Local or in-home gun-safe moves should only take a day or two, while long-distance gun-safe moves can take much longer. For long-distance moves, it is a good rule of thumb to allow one loading day, one unloading day, and an extra day for every 500 miles.

For Central Coast Movers, efficiency is a crucial pillar of our services. While ensuring safety, we also strive to complete the move in a timely manner. The exact time will depend on specifics, but our commitment to prompt and effective service remains unwavering. However, when you move your gun safe with Central Coast Movers, you will get your estimated timeline and delivery date with your moving quote. This way, you will have all the information before you sign on with us so that you can make the right decision for you.

Why Choose Central Coast Movers?

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  • All trained professionals
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