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Hayley R.
Our recent move was not just a change of address; it was a significant transition for our family. Amidst the chaos of relocating, we were fortunate to enlist the services of Bekins Central Coast Movers, and it turned out to be the best... decision.From the moment they arrived, their professionalism and attention to detail were evident. The team not only efficiently packed our belongings but did so with such care that it alleviated any concerns we had about potential damages during transit.What truly sets this company apart is their comprehensive approach to relocation. Not only did they handle the packing and moving with precision, but they also provided the convenience of box pick-up afterward. This attention to every aspect of the move simplified the entire process, allowing us to focus on settling into our new space without the burden of recycling packing materials lingering over us.Their dedication to customer satisfaction was evident in every interaction, and it left a lasting impression on us.Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly recommend Bekins Central Coast Movers to anyone facing a big move. Whether you're overwhelmed and unsure where to start or simply seeking a reliable team to handle the logistics, they will exceed your expectations. Trust them to take care of everything for you and watch as they effortlessly alleviate the stress of moving, leaving you free to embrace the excitement of your new more
Gary M.

Long-Distance Movers

Moving for the First Time?

After submitting your request for a long-distance moving quote, our team will match you with a dedicated relocation expert who will be your main point of contact throughout your moving process. Our professional moving crew will carefully load your pre-packed belongings onto the moving truck on your moving day. Upon reaching your destination, our team will unload and arrange your possessions according to your instructions. We prioritize your satisfaction, so before signing off with the team leader, you’ll have the opportunity to inspect your items and ensure they have arrived safely in their new home.

Watsonville Long Distance Moving FAQs

Long-Distance Moving Services

  • Residential & Commercial

    Whether you are moving to a new home or relocating your business, our team has been completing long-distance moves efficiently since 2001.

  • Packing Services

    Our trained packers will come to your home a few days before the move and use high-quality packing materials to pack your belongings securely.

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  • Specialty Moving

    Central Coast Movers specializes in moving delicate and valuable items, including antiques, pianos, and gun safes.

  • Warehouse Storage

    Our pest- and climate-controlled warehouse, equipped with 24/7 surveillance, provides a secure environment for long and short-term storage options.

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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Long-Distance Moving Company?

The cost of a long-distance move can vary significantly based on numerous factors, such as the distance of the move, the number of items to transport, and additional services required. Therefore, choosing a moving company that provides transparent quotes without hidden fees is crucial.

The common definition of long-distance moves in the moving industry is moves that cross state lines. This includes many types of moves, including cross-country moves. When preparing for a long-distance move, price may be a deciding factor in which moving company you will choose.

On average, a long-distance or interstate move with an agent of Bekins Van Lines ranges between $4,000 and $8,000. Of course, your move could be outside that range on either side, depending on your moving needs. However, the price of the majority of long-distance moves is within that range.

Central Coast Movers stands out by offering virtual quotes and flat rates. By doing a home survey either virtually or in your home, our pricing structure is straightforward and transparent, with no surprise charges. You can receive a free, no-obligation moving quote by filling out our online form or calling us at (831) 235-6046.

What Services Does a Long Distance Move Include, and What Services Cost Extra?

Regular long-distance moves usually include services like loading and unloading, furniture disassembly and reassembly, and transportation. However, extra services such as packing and unpacking, estate cleanout, and decluttering often come at an additional cost.

At Central Coast Movers, we provide free furniture disassembly and reassembly as part of our long-distance moving services. When you invest in long-distance moving services with Central Coast Movers, our long-distance movers will come to your home, load everything into the truck and transport your belongings to your new home.

There, we will unload the items, reassemble your furniture, and place everything where you direct us to. Furthermore, we offer packing services, estate cleanouts, decluttering services, and gun safe moves as add-ons, ensuring a seamless moving experience for our customers.

How Are My Belongings Protected During the Move? Does the Moving Company Offer Packing and Unpacking Services?

It is the industry standard for moving companies to use padded moving vans and trucks, employ moving blankets and dollies, and meticulously load and unload items to safeguard them during the move. Full-service moving companies typically offer packing and unpacking services, usually at an additional cost.

Central Coast Movers uses state-of-the-art equipment, including padded moving trucks, and safety procedures, such as wrapping all furniture items in moving blankets. We do this to ensure the safe transportation of your items. We also offer packing and unpacking services, providing top-quality packing materials to make your move stress-free. To learn more about Central Coast Movers’ packing and unpacking services, check out our Packing Services page.

What Insurance Options Do Moving Companies Offer to Cover Lost or Damaged Items?

The moving industry typically refers to insurance as “valuation.” Usually, moving companies offer two types of valuation: limited liability coverage and full value protection. Federal law requires moving companies to provide limited liability coverage at no additional cost. This basic level of coverage compensates the customer 60 cents per pound for every lost or damaged item.

Limited liability coverage does not satisfy all customers, especially those with many fragile and high-value items. This is why moving companies typically offer additional coverage options at an additional cost. The most common paid valuation plan moving companies provide is full value protection. If you purchase this level of coverage, your moving company will repair, replace, or refund the fair market value of every item lost or damaged during the move.

While we do our best to avoid damaged or lost items, we prepare for these situations. Central Coast Movers offers both limited liability coverage and full value protection. We prioritize your peace of mind, ensuring you have options that suit your unique needs. For more information on valuation, check the Movers Protection and Valuation page on Bekins Van Lines website.

How Long Do Long-Distance Moves Usually Take? How is the Delivery Date Determined?

The time a long-distance move takes depends on the size of your home or office, the distance of the move, and how many items you have. After considering these factors and your moving schedule, the moving company determines the delivery date.

Certain long-distance moves take as little as three days or less, but the average time to complete a long-distance move ranges between 10 to 14 days. However, depending on the distance of the move, some long-distance moves last upwards of three weeks long. This is especially true for international moves.

Central Coast Movers values your time, so we set an estimated timeline upfront before you partner with us. We consider all necessary factors and provide an estimated delivery date at the onset. Our professional crew arrives on time and works efficiently to ensure your belongings reach your new location within the projected timeline.

Do Moving Companies Have Trained and Experienced Moving Crews? How Do Moving Crews Handle Fragile and Valuable Items?

Reliable moving companies employ a background-checked, experienced and professionally trained team to handle all moves, including transporting fragile and valuable items. Some moving companies hire seasonal help in the busy summer months. However, reliable and trustworthy moving companies ensure that these seasonal workers are background checked. They also usually pair a seasonal worker with a full-time employee when putting together moving crews.

At Central Coast Movers, all our employees are permanent employees with years of experience moving and must pass our background check. As a family-owned and operated business, providing excellent customer service is at the forefront of everything we do. This is why some of our movers have been with us for over a decade.

Our trained professionals are adept at handling fragile and valuable items like antiques and gun safes. We take pride in our meticulous training program, which equips our team with the skills to manage your treasured possessions carefully. To learn more about our moving team and our company, check out our About Us page.

If Something Happens, What is the Process for Resolving Disputes About Damaged or Lost Items?

In case of any damaged or lost items, you should fill out a valuation claim form and contact the moving company. Make sure to do a final walk-through and audit of your items and home before you sign off on the Bill of Lading. This way, you can ensure everything is in good condition before you sign off on the move.

Central Coast Movers provides a seamless process for resolving disputes about damaged or lost items. As an interstate agent of Bekins Van Lines, our van line handles all of our valuation claims for long-distance moves. Our customer service team will direct you to a valuation representative at Bekins, who will be ready to assist you. For more information on filing a claim with Bekins, check out their Filing a Valuation Claim page.

What Restrictions or Rules Should I Be Aware of for My Long-Distance Move?

Federal law requires long-distance moving companies to obtain a United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) license. Many long-distance moving companies partner with van lines and operate under their van line’s USDOT license. All moving companies should prominently place their licenses on their website so they are easy to find. If you cannot find them, look up their USDOT using the Federal Movers Database Lookup.

As an interstate agent of Bekins Van Lines, Central Coast Movers adheres to all regulations and rules for long-distance moves. We are fully licensed and insured, operating under Bekins Van Lines’ USDOT license number 2256609. We also carry general liability and worker’s comp insurance for everyone’s safety.

Why Choose Central Coast Movers?

  • A+ rating by BBB
  • Family Owned and Operated
  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • Same Day Estimates
  • Free furniture disassembly and reassembly
  • All trained professionals
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Flat rates, no suprises
  • Virtual quotes
  • Senior citizens specials
  • Interstate Agent of Bekins Van Lines

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